Building Power

Consulting and design services
Our engineering and consulting services help you manage your power system as a strategic resource that can give you competitive advantage. We offer a full portfolio of design services, from consulting, design and engineering, to safety studies, energy management audits, and power quality and reliability audits – either directly or through our fully-supported OEM network.

Building and commissioning services
Our specialists can manage a construction project from start to finish, recondition or upgrade equipment, or modernise your power system. Our project management services give you a single point of accountability – with smaller risk of project delays and failures. The result is a safer, more reliable and cost-efficient power system.

Maintenance and support services
With optimal maintenance and support from Eaton, your business will have more reliable, higher quality, and more cost-effective power. Our services help businesses make the most of their existing electrical equipment by optimising performance and extending the life of existing facilities through scheduled services, monitoring and providing emergency support.

Sustainable power management – the only way forward.
The construction industry remains the largest consumer of energy in the EU. Sustainable power management, flexible energy distribution and good power quality ensure that electrical power can be used safely and efficiently in buildings, at the same time significantly reducing the environmental impact.

Our dedicated Green Building Solutions make a significant contribution to minimising critical cost factors in the planning, construction and use of a building. Operating costs go down and value goes up for a faster return on investment. To find out more, go to

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