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Success stories
Beijing subway

As a result of the successful implementation of the new subway line's power distribution system, Eaton has become recognized as an experienced, high quality resource for power management expertise.

SBB Swiss railway

Alstom trains equipped with powerful hydraulic power units make Swiss railways more efficient


Compact, reliable and cost-effective switchboards with the ability to accommodate extensive metering provisions

Jenkinson Electrical Engineering

Precise, reliable and easily expandable automation for a train lifting system

St. Pancras Station

Over 1600 bespoke luminaires were supplied, helping revitalise St Pancras for the 21st century

Stockholm's Trafikverket City Line

Modular design and a proven track record in safety and reliability

Heinemann hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers

Eaton Heinemann hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers significantly increase electrical protection system stability for global transport solutions provider