Hydraulic Steering Control Unit, Columns & Valves

Hydraulic Steering

World class hydraulic steering control units

Providing high quality products with robust performance and outstanding service, Eaton offers innovative, reliable and durable hydraulic steering solutions to meet a wide range of platforms and applications.

Our engineering team can customize solutions that reach beyond steering to tailor and customize a solution to your needs. By leveraging our experience and engineering expertise Eaton engineers can offer you high quality, reliable and durable products with designs that simplify installation and increase the performance and competitive advantage of your product. Eaton steering solutions offer:

  • Minimized steering linkage to reduce cost and provide design flexibility
  • Isolation of load forces for improved operator comfort
  • Continuous, unlimited control action with very low input torque
  • A wide selection of control circuits and meter sizes
  • VersaSteer Technology for easy steering mode switching
  • Patented Wide-Angle Technology for unmatched performance on articulated vehicles
  • Electrohydraulic (EH) and Steer-By-Wire (SbW) solutions
  • Anti-jerk valves for smoother steering
  • Functionality with many kinds of power-steering pumps or fluid supply