Safety related characteristics

Functional safety includes calculation and documentation of the likelihood of failure for the individual safety functions. As a manufacturer of machines and equipment, additional characteristic values are required for safety-oriented products. The safety characteristic values are made available by the manufacturers of the products. These values are used together with statistical calculation tools to determine the attained safety level, known as a performance level in EN ISO 13849-1 or the Safety Integrity Level in IEC 62061 and IEC 61508.

Eaton provides you with all the specific characteristic values for safety-relevant components in the following download.

Reliability values to EN ISO 13849-1:

B10d Number of operations until 10% of the tested components fail dangerously
MTTFd Mean Time To dangerous Failure.
Average of the time expected up to a dangerous failure
PL  Performance Level

Reliability values to IEC 62061:

B10 Number of operations until 10% of the tested components fail.
PFHd Probability of a dangerous Failure per Hour.
SIL CL  Safety Integrity Level Claim Limit.

Further details are provided in the overview of the safety-related characteristic values for components.