Universal Database for VDMA 66413 Parameters

VDMA_logo_264x148The as per 2006/42/EC Machinery Safety Directive harmonized standards EN IS 13849-1, EN ISO 13849-2 and EN 62061 require evaluations and calculations relating to the likelihood of a dangerous failure and systematic aspects of a machine's safety functions.

  • The evaluations and calculations must be conducted by the machine manufacturer (as the distributor) and be verifiably documented.
  • The device manufacturers supply the relevant data (parameters) of the safety devices used in the machine from the point of view of product liability.
  • Safety calculations can be performed with the aid of calculation tools (software programs).

Applying the aforementioned standards requires that relevant data is exchanged between the machinery manufacturers, device manufacturers and calculation tools involved.

Device Manufacturers
create a parameters library in the form of a "Universal Database" and make it generally available. Only the device manufacturer may also be the creator of a parameters library.

Calculation tools
provide an import mechanism for the parameters libraries in the database format. The parameters are prepared for presentation and selection in the tool.

Machinery manufacturers
use the parameters library (file) made available by the device manufacturer to import the parameters  (device data) into the calculation tool and for updating. This makes the universal database according to VDMA 66413 the common basis by which information is exchanged. Four device types are defined.