Safety Technology Products

Input - quick and safe detection

command_control_circuit_devices_stop_buttons_76  Emergency Stop Button
Emergency stop buttons allow for a quick and targeted standstill of the dangerous machine movement, and reduce the risk of danger.
Emergency-Stop-Switch_76 Emergency Stop Switch
For emergency stop functions in power supply areas, Eaton offers various component solutions that can be used as power disconnecting devices with an integrated emergency stop function.
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 Command_Mechanics_Position_Switches_76 Safety Position Switch
Anywhere that positions must be safely detected - be it digital or analog, with or without mechanical securing action, mechanically or electronically - the LS-Titan family of products offers the right solution for any application.
Logic – Safe Monitoring and Processing

 control_safety_relay_76 Safety relay
The ESR5 electronic safety relay offers the right solution for customized safety functions for any application.
 Safety-oriented-Control-Relay-easySafetys_76 Safety-oriented Control Relay easySafety
The safety-oriented control relay easySafety integrates a host of safety relays as safety function components into one single device and accordingly offers the highest level of flexibility with significant space advantages.
Output – Reliable disconnection

 ov_switch_protect_contactors_76 Contactors and Contactor Relays
In the event of danger, the DILMS safety contactors are used to switch off the motor responsible for the hazardous movement. Safety contactor relays DILAS couple large contactors with secure electronics outputs or can be used to control equipment pieces relevant to safety.
 switch_protect_cmd_76 The contactor monitoring device CMD
The contactor monitoring device CMD monitors the contactor main contacts for welding. It eliminates the requirement for redundant contactor design.
 Motor-Protective-Circuit-Breaker-with-Emergency-Stop-Function_76  Motor-Protective Circuit-Breaker with Emergency Stop Function
The current generation of manufacturing and processing machines is frequently built from multiple independent units. The energy requirements for each unit are low and thus do not require a strong switching duty. This makes it safe and easy to implement the emergency stop function in connection with a motor-protective circuit-breaker.
 switch_protect_ems_76 Electronic Motor Starter EMS
With its electronic motor starter EMS Eaton is offering a multifunctional motor protection and control relay with integrated safety features for use in safety applications.
 PowerXL_FrequencyDrivesDA1_76 PowerXL DA1 Advanced
DA1 variable frequency drives are the perfect match for demanding, speed-dependent applications. Their powerful performance and integrated STO safety function are sure to leave a lasting impression.
 NZM Circuit-Breakers with Emergency Stop Function_76 NZM Circuit-Breakers with Emergency Stop Function
The NZM circuit-breaker is used anyplace where large consumers are switched and protected.
If the device with integrated EMERGENCY STOP function is selected, then the switch can be activated directly via the handle in an EMERGENCY STOP situation. The consumer, equipment or machine is then switched off directly, all-pole.
 Signal-Towers-and-Acoustic-Device_76 Signal Towers and Acoustic Device
Bright, loud, rugged, fast, efficient, versatile, and unmistakable. The new SL7 and SL4 signal towers provide reliable indication of residual risks in the hazardous area.
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