The way to a safe machine

A machine must be verifiably safe; i.e. it must perform an intended function without jeopardizing the safety and health of persons. What is the best approach to ensure a safe machine, and which standards help you to construct a machine which is safe for its entire life cycle.

Safety Standards

EN 12100, an A standard, defines the way to a safe machine. This always starts with an analysis of the risks inherent to the machine. Where hazards are identified as part of this analysis, suitable measures must be undertaken to reduce the threat.

Risk Minimization for a Machine
EN ISO 12100 lays out a strict sequence, known as the 3-stage method, for all protective measures to eliminate or reduce risks and hazards:

Safety Dangers

Avoid Danger
The first step elimination of the hazard on the basis of design measures the planning and development phase for the machine.

Secure hazards
The second step involves risk reduction through application of technical and complementary protective measures.

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Warning against residual risks
The third step aims to reduce risk through notification and instruction about residual risks.