SmartWire-DT Films and Video


Dynamic Machine Control with Intelligent AxisPro Valves and SmartWire-DT

 AxisPro Valves and SmartWire-DT
How do you deliver more parts in less time? With dynamic machine control enabled by the intelligent AxisPro valve and SmartWire-DT by Eaton. An industrial hydraulic valve and wiring solution that provides maximum productivity with minimal fuss.
Time: 00:04:01

Eaton Insight: Success Story – Smart Automation Solution

 Smart Automation Solution
Hughson, California (USA) based Grossi Electric Inc. is a fullservice electrical contracting company that specializes in industrial and commercial construction, automation services and computer-aided design and planning. By combining Eaton products into a total package solution, Grossi was able to design a very affordable and cost-effective control system for the walnut processing plant. SmartWire-DT enabled the control panels to be built more quickly, with greater reliability, and without adding excess parts and wires. The cleaner design of the Eaton products also reduced the overall enclosure footprint.
Time: 00:03:33

Eaton Insight: Success Story – Renegade Parts Washers

 Eaton Insight Renegade Parts Washers
Reedburg, Wisconsin (USA) based Renegade Parts Washers is a manufacturer in the process cleaning industry developing heavy-duty parts washing machines for numerous industrial applications. Through the use of Eaton's SmartWire-DT the wiring time of their panels is reduced from 4 hours to 40 minutes. Outside of the panel, SmartWire-DT in-/output modules (IP67) are installed to enable connection of sensors and actuators. For Renegade the SmartWire-DT solution enables an easy installation as well as extended diagnostics.
Time: 00:03:23

Eaton Insight: Success Story – Modular Packaging Systems

 Eaton Insight Modular Packaging Systems
Modular Packaging Systems provides packaging solutions serving the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and the vitamin industry. Within a filling system of pharmaceutical products Eaton's SmartWire-DT is used to control the I/O points. The SmartWire-DT in-/outputs (IP67) are easily implemented in the existing system enabling the connection between different sensors and valves at the conveyor belts - all in one connection. The short mounting time of the SmartWire-DT modules and the simplification of fault correction enhance the efficiency of the packaging line.
Time: 00:05:03

SmartWire-DT for Tunneling Machines – Success Story mts Perforator GmbH

 SmartWire-DT for Tunneling Machines
Rock, clay, sand – nothing stops the tunneling machines of mts Perforator GmbH. In extreme conditions these drilling machines fight their way through hundreds of meters of earth and lay pipes. For this the machine builder from North Germany relies on SmartWire-DT from Eaton. Eaton Insight visited the globally operating company. Why is SmartWire-DT an ideal solution for the tunneling machines, why does the company want to expand its collaboration with Eaton, and what does a tunneling machine have to do with Industry 4.0? This and more is explained in this video.
Time: 00:05:12

Lean Solution in practice

 Lean Solution in practice
The Lean Solution powered by SmartWire-DT impresses plant builders and owners in the Bavarian potato sorting center due to the cost savings, short installation times and data transparecy with simpler diagnostics. The operator is delighted with the high availability of the plant.
Time: 00:04:50

Lean Solution benefits at a glance

Start video: Lean Solution benefits at a glance

The video shows the central elements of a Lean Solution with Lean Connectivity, Lean Automation and Lean Power, and how these benefits are implemented in a machine.
Time: 00:03:30

SmartWire-DT in application

 SmartWire-DT in application
The benefits of the simple SmartWire-DT connection technology for switchgear and automation components are soon made obvious in a practical application. SmartWire-DT reduces the effort required for wiring, testing and commissioning by up to 85 %.
Time: 00:05:20