Characteristics Program

Characteristics Program CurveSelect

CurveSelect – Characteristics program for short-circuit and overload protection devices

Simple visualisation, comparison and documentation of tripping curves

CurveSelect is a free-of-charge tool that offers evaluation of tripping characteristics of several protective devices on the same time and current scale.
It makes an immediate check of selectivity between low-voltage protection devices significantly easier e.g.NZM (MCCBs) and IZM (ACBs), PKE, PKZ (MPCBs) and Z overload relays, miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) as well as fuses (UL).

FreeStyleCurves (FSC) allow direct comparison of: 

  • selected motor protection to motor starting curves
  • feeder breaker to upstream medium voltage protection
  • planned extensions to existing protective devices.

CurveSelect supports planning and documentation of your system.

CurveSelect – Characteristics program for protective devices

You can download CurveSelect V1.3X free-of-charge. Simply register here!