The pushbutton configurator supports you in selecting and combining the various command and signal devices, including the RMQ-Titan series.

The devices can be combined individually and configured as a complete device in a housing or as individual components on a virtual control panel. Direct visualization facilitates the selection of the right products for your application. Using the new Label Editor function, it is now possible to label your selection of devices to meet your individual requirements. The new product extension, the RMQ Flat Design, is from now on also supported by the configurator.

In addition, the Configuration ID offers the option of saving your desired configuration on the Eaton server, where you can call it up anytime. Once the configuration has been completed, a part list is generated which you can copy into your own ordering tool or simply forward to Eaton or the wholesaler of your choice for a quote.

For your documentation, it is possible to send the configuration including picture, parts list and a link to the configuration to yourself simply by e-mail, so that you have all important data at one glance.

Pushbutton Configurator

Pushbutton Configurator Tutorial | First Steps

Pushbutton Configurator Tutorial | Individual inscriptions