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Calculating the temperature rise within the switchgear and controlgear assembly: Calculate power loss of all circuits including the internal conductor on the basis of the rated current. Power loss of the switchgear and controlgear assembly is calculated by adding up the power losses of the circuit (total load current is limited to the rated current of the switchgear and controlgear assembly).

Power loss of conductors is determined by calculation. Determining the temperaturerise characteristic curve within the switchgear and control-gear assembly: From the entire power loss using the procedure mentioned in IEC 60890.


The Temperature Calculator supports you in the creation of temperature rise verifications in accordance with the IEC 61439-1 standard. 

The procedures are supported in accordance with: Switchgear and controlgear assemblies with one compartment and a rated current ≤ 630A Switchgear and controlgear assemblies with a rated current ≤ 1600A 

Use requires a suitable knowledge of the standards and calculation procedures in order to assess technical dependencies, calculation results and permissible measures. The consideration of project-specific operating conditions is still mandatory (e.g.: derating, ambient temperatures).