xSpider Dimensioning Software Screen 1

Dimensioning software xSpider version 3

The xSpider software system is a graphically oriented design system for dimensioning of low-voltage networks fitted with Eaton brand circuit protection equipment. It calculates voltage drops, load distributions and short-circuit currents for radial as well as meshed networks and carries out a subsequent check on the suitability of the cables and protection equipment used. The software is intended primarily for designers and computational engineers.

Version 3 is a new software generation. It includes a new graphics and computing core, a new user interface. The features contained in version 2 are retained and are complemented with new features. The computation procedures are updated according to current standards.

  • User friendly interface
  • New powerful program kernel, ready for big projects
  • Suitable for TN/ IT/ TT network systems up to 1000V
  • Designed for radial as well as meshed networks
  • Designed for networks supplied from single or multiple power supplies (supply network, transformer, generator)
  • Option of using simultaneous (Ks) and utilisation factors (Ku)
  • Option of simulating various operating states of network by disconnecting individual power sources and loads
  • Operation state manager - complex simulation of various operating states, e.g graphically shows circuit breaker ON/OFF status
  • Database of components with easy to use tree structure
  • All calculations are based on applicable IEC standards voltage drops, load distribution, short circuit currents, etc.
  • Selectivity: working with tripping characteristics and selectivity spread sheets (tested combinations)
  • ArcRISK module: evaluation of risks caused by Arc-Flash and efficient improvement by Eatons protective measures (internal separation, Diagnose, passive protection, ARMS™, ARCON®, etc.)
  • Generation of documentation and reports wiring diagram with calculation results calculation report tables of element parameters and calculation results