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Engineering Solutions

Sefelec Eaton offers you the possibility to carry out your test benches and/or electrical measurements based on standard Sefelec products

Since 1965, Sefelec has been a key player in electrical testing and measuring, especially in the following tests

  • dielectric strength
  • measuring insulation resistance
  • measuring low level continuity and resistance

With 50 years of experience behind them, Sefelec Eaton offers the following through its Engineering division:

  • connection and interface solutions for electrical and/or mechanical tests
  • manual or semi-automatic tools
  • support with your system projects integrating Sefelec (previous or new generation)
  • Performance tests facilitating automation of your test processes in production
  • making your installations secure and compliant
  • development and migration of test programs to Sefelec format 

Advantages of our ‘System’ solutions:

  • TIME saves time and return on investment
  • CUSTOM can be configured according to your production or maintenance load
  • LASTING configuration is evolving and can be modernised
  • SAFETY operator safety