Industrial PC XP500 Series

The XP500 series from Eaton, developed especially for the requirements of mechanical and plant engineering, enhances the field of automation with contemporary control interfaces and command methods familiar from consumer electronics. The Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology provides a more intuitive user interface. This includes multitouch functionality, allowing users to press functional buttons on the screen either with multiple fingers on one hand or using two hands. As on modern touchpads and smartphones, the operator can zoom and scroll elements and documents from the integrated help system using two fingers. The high-precision sensors prevent unintended commands or machine starts. Critical functions can instead only be activated by pressing multiple control fields at once, which delivers significantly greater system safety compared with single-touch panels.

Windows Embedded 7, an open operating system, is installed on the XP500 Panel PCs. The devices are being launched onto the market in widescreen display sizes: 10.1“, 15.6“ und 21.5“. Their slender design with a non-reflective glass front delivers a modern look. The robust, scratch-resistant front and open device concept on the Panel PCs make them suitable for use in almost all branches of industry involved in mechanical and plant engineering. Taken as a whole, the XP500 Panel PCs deliver a simpler user interface, with fine touch sensors ensuring safe and precise execution of control commands.