Series 9000X

SPX9000 Frequency Drive

SPX variable frequency drives are the perfect choice when it comes to demanding applications in which reliability, a highly dynamic response, precision, and power are a must. Popular applications include lifting equipment and conveyances (cranes, winches, elevators, lifts), compressors and oil pumps, chippers, crushers, mixers, extruders, take-up and pay-off units, and tunnel boring machines.

Multi-purpose SPX variable frequency drives are designed to cover a wide variety of applications while keeping things simple. In fact, with their excellent flexibility, they make it easy to adapt to additional process requirements for custom and complex applications used to control induction motors. On top of this, their sturdy design, which features integrated chokes and EMC filters, provides effective protection against interference from the grid. Finally, their sophisticated motor control design and effective protection features for both motor and variable frequency drive guarantee reliable operation.