Surge Protection Device summary Lightning overvoltage protection Moeller® series

The cost-effective way to combat disruption or damage to sensitive electronic equipment due to surge-related events, keeping the equipment and the related processes up and running. Surge Protection Device Surge Protection Device Features
  • Field of application: For the protection of low voltage distribution systems against direct lightning strike into the overhead power supply line or external lightning protection system (IEC 62305)
  • Application according to IEC 60364-5-53 Clause 534
  • Test class I, II, III in accordance with IEC 61643-1
  • SPD-type T1, T2, resp. T3 in accordance with EN 61643-1
  • Lightning protection classes III and IV in accordance with IEC 62305
  • Capsuled version: during the discharge process, the device does not issue any hot ionised gases.Therefore, there is no need for maintaining a safety distance from flammable materials.
  • Depending on application available in single, pre-assembled with busbar, or preconfigured for most applications and power grids
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