Solar Switches

Minute currents from photovoltaic or solar cells are combined in photovoltaic systems to increasingly larger currents, which need to be isolated, protected and switched. Eaton offers a comprehensive range of switchgear and enclosures for all these cases – ranging from building services up to large photovoltaic systems.

  • The DC switch-disconnector from 20 A to 63 A is available in both open and from 20 A to 30 A in enclosed versions. The enclosed switch-disconnector SOL is ideal for outdoor installation.
  • The “PV-DIS” switch-disconnector is from 16 A to 125 A available. It provides up to 1000 VDC in a very compact design and a stable performance at every current.
  • The DC string circuit-breakers from 4 A to 30 A protect the photovoltaic modules against fault currents. Advantage: Their advantage over fuses is that they are immediately ready for use after a trip and when the cause of the trip has been remedied.
  • The PV fireman’s switch up to 32 A disconnects and isolates solar modules from the rest of the PV installation: By remote actuation using an undervoltage release or by manual actuation.