Why Eaton?

  • Solar PV electrical installations are mainly on rooftops or in remote locations, which means reliability of all components is critical.  Eaton products from fuses to breakers to enclosures to medium volt switchgear are industry proven to perform reliably and with long lifetimes in the tough environmental conditions required for PV Solar.  
  • Eaton also has experienced engineers who can help with the design and layout of solar farms where the high voltages in both DC and AC require experience and expertise. 

  • Eaton enables solar systems by offering value added products that fit the most challenging PV Solar protection and switching requirements for both DC and AC. Eaton also provides a wide range of products that are used inside inverters used all around the world. 

  • Due to the variable and unpredictable power output from solar sources, special consideration and expertise is required to ensure a safe installation and operation of a PV system.  Eaton’s products and expertise enable designers and installers to ensure safety first for solar installations. 
  • Eaton also offers additional services and products for the high voltage AC that results from Utility Solar sized projects..