Infrastructure (gray space)

Build a more intelligent infrastructure

Data centers are challenged with ensuring an uninterrupted flow of high-quality power from the moment it enters the building until it powers the servers. Throughout the process, every piece of equipment, component and person must be 100% protected from hazards. And cost matters.

The demands placed on infrastructure are ever-changing. Actual space may vary from fixed to temporary. People must be kept safe. The larger a business becomes, the more applications it needs, and the more power needed to manage them.

Manage the known and the unexpected. Eaton expertise can help you achieve the optimum balance of capacity and efficiency.

Keep equipment and people safe

Infrastructure Safety

In Eaton, you have a partner who's as concerned about safety as you. We're continually investing in research and development, and lead the industry in innovative solutions. We understand the potential hazards and have created products that reduce or even eliminate them. When you work with Eaton, you can be completely confident that from power input to output, your people and equipment are protected.

Reduce costs with a more flexible infrastructure

Infrastructure planning

We understand you're under pressure to build your mechanical and electrical infrastructure at the lowest cost possible. And the last thing you can afford to do is overbuild.

We can help you plan and provide you with equipment solutions that keep you agile. Invest in only the equipment you need today, yet still be prepared to quickly implement future enhancements. With Eaton, you can manage your expenditures "just-in-time" and be better aligned with IT investment processes.

Simplify with one-source service for your entire infrastructure

With Eaton you can rest assured that all of your equipment will operate continuously and safely. We have the experience and broad capability to provide service at the design, build and commissioning stages of the project. From assessment to maintenance to installation, your operational requirements will be met.