Faster time to market

Compress response times and minimize downtime

Changing IT demands call for even faster response time. Availability issues and downtime must be avoided at all costs. IT changes cannot be held back by physical infrastructure changes. Data centers need rapid-fire solutions and implementation with the lowest cost of ownership. Eaton expertise can make it happen.

Our project management capabilities help you design and deploy customized solutions. Pre-tested and pre-fabricated subsystems enable faster installation and commissioning. And the modularity of our solutions enables you to swap parts for faster service and less costly downtime.

You may not be able to foresee the future but you can be ready for it with Eaton.

Accelerate data center modernization

Data center modernization

You're not simply bringing your data center up to date as fast as possible, you're also building capabilities to manage the demands of the future. Get up and running quickly to justify the investment and optimize your return. We partner with you to provide a customized and holistic solution that doesn't jeopardize your project timeline. In fact, we shorten it.

Whether building a new facility or improving a present one, Eaton experts help you design, install and expedite modernization projects. Our pre-tested systems shorten the typical lead-time, and our pre-fabricated power systems, containers and skids facilitate easier installation and reduce commissioning time, allowing you to realize the value of your investment sooner.

High reliability and efficiency for critical equipment and customers

For Markley, a large multi-tenant, mission-critical telecommunications and data center facility, an unexpected outage could literally prove to be life threatening, depending on which client systems were affected. Fortunately, the facility has never experienced a primary power outage with its comprehensive Eaton power protection.