Increase data center efficiency

Increase power availability and reliability to get the most out of your resources

Eaton provides the mission-critical solutions you need to leverage every asset and resource in your data center, regardless of its size or age. Our data center portfolio includes airflow management, low and medium voltage switchgear, backup power protection, power distribution, racks/enclosures, software management and planning services. We deliver higher power availability and reliability to ensure data is always accessible and protected with products that lead the industry in efficiency.

Predictive problem solving takes care of issues before they escalate

Data Center Monitoring

Better communication between IT and facility management can help you more effectively manage system needs and achieve business goals. But getting there takes more than one simple solution.

Eaton is a partner who takes a different approach. We can help you successfully integrate multiple software packages across your organization so key stakeholders receive the timely, actionable information necessary to optimize your business process.

We take a partnership and plug-in approach that integrates many of your existing building management, software management and converged architectures – including VBlock, FlexPod, VMware, Hyper V, Cisco UCS, VSpex, SimpliVity, and more – to provide you with greater capabilities like asset management, predictive monitoring and power quality management. In turn, you can lower costs by reducing unanticipated failures, downtime and emergency service repairs.

Monitor and improve PUE.

Powering your site with the precise amount of required electricity and as little waste as possible, and improving your data center's power usage effectiveness (PUE) is an ongoing challenge.

Eaton offers an array of monitoring and improvement solutions to help build a data center with optimal energy efficiency. From UPS systems that deliver the highest energy efficiency rating in the industry, to systems that can prevent wasteful overcooling, Eaton can help you operate the most energy-efficient data center possible.

Reduce energy costs.

Data Center Monitor

It takes a tremendous amount of electricity to power a data center. With electricity consumption likely to double within the next five years, data centers need innovative solutions to contain energy demands.

With Eaton as your partner, you can effectively manage these costs. From power distribution to thermal and airflow management, our solutions are designed to prevent energy loss and waste throughout your entire process.

Unrivaled uptime, efficiency and performance

For Atlantic.Net, a leading colocation and hosting solutions provider tied to strict service level agreements (SLAs), downtime is simply not an option. Ensuring 100 percent uptime is a prerequisite. When exploring options for a new UPS capable of safeguarding its critical equipment and customer data, Atlantic.Net turned to Eaton.