More flexible data center design

Be ready for tomorrow with a flexible data center design

Technology changes in the blink of an eye, and businesses require more and more data to run on a daily basis. A data center must be poised for the future. It must be agile, flexible and scalable.

Whether extending the life of an existing data center or creating a new one, Eaton experts engineer solutions that can quickly scale up or down as needed. Our designs provide you with an adaptive IT business system that's responsive to change – be it business needs, capacity requirements or new IT technologies.

From virtualization solutions and rationalizing data infrastructure across the company, to integrating the management of IT with data center operations, Eaton will see to it that you get the best return on your investment.

Design for growth and change

Eaton Design

What will tomorrow require? That's your challenge. Leveraging emerging technologies could trigger building a supporting infrastructure that could outlive the IT equipment itself. You don't want and can't afford to overbuild. Scalability is your answer. Eaton is your partner.

From power distribution, enclosures, cage solutions and structured cable management, to power conditioning, quality, backup, monitoring and management, Eaton designs scalable, flexible solutions that can accommodate business growth and incorporate changing technologies.

Minimize total cost of ownership

We know when you're investing in equipment it's not just about the purchase cost. The real question is, "How much will it cost to run and maintain?"

Eaton products and solutions are designed for long-term performance and maximum ROI. Our power distribution equipment is modular at the rack and row level. Our exceptionally efficient UPSs cut power costs by consuming less electricity and requiring less cooling. And with a smaller footprint, Eaton designs free up valuable space for other money-saving solutions.

Upgrade aging infrastructure

Data Center Upgrade

Justifying an upgrade entails assessing equipment performance, including the efficiency, scalability or footprint advantages of newer technologies, present maintenance, repair and service contracts costs and other factors that impact your return on investment.

In addition to the actual cost of the equipment, there's the question of whether operationally you can afford the upgrade by considering the entire design, build and operating cycle. Eaton understands the challenges and has the experience to make upgrading your infrastructure a faster, more efficient, more cost-effective process. We provide solutions that are compatible with existing installments. So you get all the benefits of the new equipment without a large investment in installation and maintenance preparation.

Unleash trapped capacity

Meeting growing business demands is a never-ending challenge. It requires improving capacity while working with what you have. But how do you add new components when you don't have adequate floor space? Or rack space? Or a way to distribute the electricity to power them?

Eaton can show you the way. We're experts at making changes to architecture – adding, removing or changing equipment – to deliver more capacity within a given environment. Our solutions – including PDUs, racks and containment systems – will work with existing setups.

Free up space for productivity

Data center free space

Space is at a premium in any data center. Eaton expertise and sophisticated product designs can help free up space by routing power and cabling above or below, eliminating components and shrinking actual footprints.

Our busway solutions enable you to distribute power overhead. Our systems distribute power at higher voltages, allowing you to do it less expensively and conserve space. Our structured cable management systems offer ease of installation and cleaner runways throughout the data center. Our PDUs incorporate a low profile design with no bulky switches. The solution enables denser cabling inside of the racks and the flexibility to move and remove equipment, deliver better airflow and take advantage of high performance computing.

High-availability UPS keeps pace with rapid growth

When CoSentry began planning an expansion in its Sioux Falls facility, the search was on for a UPS capable of providing the highest level of availability to keep clients "always on, always connected." Eaton 9395 was the clear winner, offering unprecedented power performance, reliability and efficiency.