Let Eaton cut your hyperscale challenges down to size

In the hyperscale data center world, there really is only one constant. The volume of data will keep rising exponentially, yet there is no tolerance for lengthy build cycles. Big data poses big challenges. The increasing demand for different applications must be met precisely, quickly and cheaply. Powering high-performance computing demands "hyper" innovative solutions. Reliability, responsiveness and financial agility prevail. With Eaton as your partner, you can succeed.

Tackle high-density demands with high-performing flexible solutions

Hyperscale Data Center Monitoring

Eaton offers the ultimate solution set for a high- density environment. Our UPS system delivers unprecedented power performance, optimal reliability and scalability to take on increasing power requirements. Advanced power monitoring and metering products enable maximum control and efficiency.

Increase efficiency from the ground up

Hyperscale Data Center Efficiency

At Eaton, we appreciate that the smallest improvement can translate into huge efficiencies and savings. Smaller equipment footprints make more efficient use of valuable space. Implementing an energy saving system to decrease electrical consumption even by small increments can have a big impact on your bottom line. Remote monitoring systems can increase response time and decrease failures. We can help minimize costly downtime and optimize your uptime.

Be flexible. Deploy quickly.

If you can't deploy fast enough, it's just not good enough. Eaton designs solutions with an eye to the future to ensure you have the flexibility to get there quickly and cost-effectively. Our products are modular so you can build incrementally in blocks, avoiding paying for today what you don't need until tomorrow. Many of our solutions are pre-engineered and pre-tested or pre-fabricated to expedite and streamline installations. Our expert teams can facilitate the process as well provide service so your operation never takes time out for a power outage.

Achieving optimized data center efficiency
with energy output well below industry norms.

When Facebook began planning its new 300,000-square-foot data center in Forest City, N.C., its goal was to be one of the most energy efficient data center operators in the world. With Eaton's expertise, Facebook utilized UPS and ESS technology to maintain a PUE rating well below the industry average.