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Eaton Data Center Solutions by type
Small, hyperscale or in between, we bring innovation to your data center

Every day the world becomes increasingly reliant on big data. Whether it's connecting regional data centers, supporting vast transactional networks, or providing services to multiple clients, you can benefit from a partner who understands the demands and nuances of your specific IT environment. Regardless of the size of the environment, Eaton delivers the thought leadership and innovation to create IT systems with exceptional reliability and agility that are tailored to your unique needs.

Small business

Small Business Server Rack

IT must provide application availability and support cloud-based architecture, virtualization, consolidation and emerging technologies. Eaton has a variety of products and services to help you keep your IT systems running efficiently without interruption. Learn more

Medium/large enterprise

Enterprise Server Rack

With zero tolerance for risk, IT managers demand reliability and assurance of redundant systems. Data centers must continuously stay in step with the latest technologies and aligned with business strategies. Regardless of your data center's lifecycle – from design/build, commissioning, operation or expansion/ contraction through decommissioning – you can get the most out of your existing data center with the least risk and cost. Learn more


Multi-tenant, Colocation Data Center

Faced with the challenge of having to accommodate different business models and solve for unpredictable power and cooling needs, uninterrupted service is everything. Avoiding downtime is critical. And the ability to scale up or down on demand, and faster time to market is crucial. Flexible, modular solutions with state-of-the-art power reliability, efficiency and control help you meet your tenants' needs and maximize your ROI.Learn more


Hyperscale Data Center

In today's environment of big data and cloud computing, exponentially increasing volumes of data and demand for different applications must be accommodated quickly and cost-effectively. Growth can't outpace capacity. High performance computing and higher density architecture call for innovative solutions from an expert partner who can help you deploy them efficiently and reliably. Learn more