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Success stories
Star Valley Medical Center

Eaton provides IT company with energy efficiency and uninterrupted power for its data center lifecycle management

Bayside Endoscopy

Solution delivers high reliability to multiple servers and switches, without occupying a lot of space

North Estonia

Powering successful development of backup data centers with complete power quality and distribution solution, coupled with data center enclosures and furniture

CT Manufacturer

Rapid franchise expansion lead to robust, easy-to-install UPS offering remote management capabilities

Meilahti Tower Hospital

Highly reliable UPS cleans up dirty power at sea for oil production company

Alert Ambulance

Wireless company eliminates fears of weather outages with 5PX powering the entire network closet

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Carolinas Hospital System

Radio station deploys high-quality power protection solution to safeguard equipment and keep air waves operational during power interruptions

Health Insurer

Capturing the world's worst weather with backup power and support from Eaton

Payer Solutions Learn about the advantages of positioning UPSs in the white space and the essential qualities to look for in a white space-ready UPS.
Examine how utilizing best-of-breed power and cooling systems that maximize capacity and minimize waste without locking companies in to a limited set of deployment options and vendors is a far more effective approach.
Payer Solutions Explore the fifth element in converged infrastructure, why it's important and Eaton's approach to converged infrastructure.
Learn about key data center trends that affect vintage data centers and how to overcome challenges you might face
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Payer Solutions Learn how to maximize uptime, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs
Learn how to maximize uptime, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs
Payer Solutions Learn how to maximize uptime, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs
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Payer Solutions Use this worksheet to help estimate the cost savings that backup power can deliver
Use this worksheet to help choose the right-sized UPS
Payer Solutions Learn the difference in thse power protection deployment strategies
Find the most suitable UPS for your equipment
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Payer Solutions Compare efficiency data and see how Eaton UPSs with Energy Saver System perform with your load profile
Use our online UPS Battery Selector tool to help you find the appropriate replacement for your battery.
Payer Solutions Find the ePDU that is right for your application based on input/output receptacles, power density, and functionality
Explore power outage causes and impacts for your state or region
Payer Solutions Quantify the economic impacts of data center or system downtime
Find a reseller within your area