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Success stories

Reliability, efficiency and scalability made easy with backup power system

Harris success story

Green data center build and Eaton solutions projected to save the company up to 30 percent on cooling

Facebook success story

Achieving optimized data center efficiency with energy output well below industry norms

Eaton builds next generation data center success story

Project BlueGrass demonstrates a disciplined approach to designing, building and equipping new data centers to deliver IT services reliably, cost-effectively and sustainably

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Pennsylvania-based health insurer success story

Optimized "Green" data center to deliver quality health care to subscribers

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Payer Solutions Quickly authenticate an Eaton molded case circuit breaker and view product information and technical data


Payer Solutions Learn more about how Mt. Washington Observatory achieves 100% uptime - along with what's on the remote monitoring horizon and how it could help your data center
One size doesn't always fit all. Learn more about Eaton's specialized approach to meet the unique needs of our customers
Payer Solutions Learn how data center operators have utilized components of a complete power monitoring and management strategy and how to select the best one for your needs
Learn more about ROOT Data Center's partnership with Eaton and how they became a next-generation colocation provider. Also, explore how best practices in colocation facilities can be applied to data centers of any shape, size or purpose
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Payer Solutions Learn about the advantages of positioning UPSs in the white space and the essential qualities to look for in a white space-ready UPS
Examine how utilizing best-of-breed power and cooling systems that maximize capacity and minimize waste without locking companies in to a limited set of deployment options and vendors is a far more effective approach
Payer Solutions Explore the fifth element in converged infrastructure, why it's important and Eaton's approach to converged infrastructure
Learn about key data center trends that affect vintage data centers and how to overcome challenges you might face
Payer Solutions Discover why you may be wasting money and floor space on UPS hardware that's bigger, but not better
Learn how to determine whether harmonics are an issue in your data center electrical system
Payer Solutions Discover how H5 Data Centers upgraded its Denver facility to meet efficiency goals with a flexible solution that addresses its growing demands and ensures reliability and scalability
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Payer Solutions Need assistance selecting racks and enclosures for your IT environment?
Answer a few questions to engage an Eaton specialist to visit you onsite and define a solution that's right for you
Payer Solutions Answer a few questions to engage an Eaton rack/enclosure/accessory specialist to help determine what fits best in your IT environment