Access Network

Access networks are the primary touch point for the consumer and business customer. These networks can vary broadly in deployment from roadside enclosures, equipment closets, small communication rooms, or purpose-built cabins. Each deployment will include the necessary architecture relevant for cellular base transceiver stations, WiFi and WiMAX nodes, customer premises equipment, roadside terminals and other telecommunication installations.

Eaton offer a range electrical solutions and separate components for access communications applications requiring small-scale, efficient, flexible, and secure power distribution, management and monitoring

Whether your project is a single new build or upgrade, or a multi-site rollout requiring individual distribution panels or turnkey solutions, Eaton can support with the right product, complete solution and services to meet the site requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Cellular Base Transceiver Sites (CDMA GSM/3G UMTS/4G LTE)
  • Transmission terminals
  • Access nodes
  • Local and central office switching
  • Copper and Optical broadband networks
  • WiMax and WiFi