Hybrid Power

Helping to Leave A Greener Footprint

Eaton is global leader in the development and manufacturing of complete hybrid power systems for commercial vehicles. Our hybrid systems help cities and businesses to run cleaner, greener, more responsible commercial fleets. With nearly one third of all fuel being consumed by commercial vehicles, making the transition to Eaton’s hybrid power system means cities and businesses can significantly reduce the amount of fuel they consume and emission they produce while also reducing their overall fleet operating costs. It’s a decision that’s as economical as it is ecological.

A hybrid is defined as a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move. To create a hybrid commercial vehicle, Eaton combines a vehicle’s traditional internal combustion engine with an electric motor or a hydraulic launch assist system to move the vehicle forward and then through regenerative braking the system recharges itself.

Eaton’s hybrid power systems provide their greatest value in commercial vehicles that burn tremendous amounts of fuel by stopping and starting and trucks and buses that idle at work sites to run accessories or tools.

Customers using our hybrid systems globally have accumulated more than 150 million miles of service, reducing their fuel consumption by 6 million gallons and harmful emission by 60,000 metric tons.

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