To build a more profitable business, you need to build more reliable machines faster

You face enormous challenges. Shorter product lifecycles, rising costs and tougher competition. You need to build and retrofit machines faster and at lower costs. All while delivering a reliable, energy efficient and safe machine. To succeed, you need to reduce startup costs and process downtime, decrease production-related energy consumption and keep personnel safe. You need Eaton.

Exceed your customers' expectations. Working with Eaton, you can design and build highly customized machines, or retrofit existing ones, in record-breaking time with less expense. Let us help you deliver machines that perform flawlessly with unmatched energy efficiency.

Design a more simplified, compact, lower-cost machine

Reduce your time-to-market, machine footprint and operating costs without sacrificing performance. Eaton's unique
Lean Solution
cuts the time and expense of machine wiring, testing and commissioning by as much as 85%. Our compact hydraulic solutions decrease your footprint, accelerate the manufacturing process and reduce errors.

Deliver a more reliable machine

With Eaton solutions integrated, your machine will run more reliably — optimizing uptime and minimizing costs. You can predict hydraulic hose failure before it happens with our intelligent monitoring system. Control and protect your motors with industry-leading contactors, starters and overload relays. Minimize production downtime and data loss, and suppress voltage dips, outages and surges with our uninterruptible power systems (UPSs). And ensure that your customers benefit from quieter, cleaner operations with our advanced hydraulic pumps and filtration solutions.

Rely on a safer machine

Safety needs to be a top priority as machines can create risk for your people, operation and the environment. It is vital these risks are identified and mitigated in both the design and build phases. Eaton's functional safety solutions help you meet and exceed safety regulations through product design that reduces risk of machine overload, damage and fire. We also offer training to keep your personnel and equipment safe.

Count on a more energy efficient machine

Increase power efficiency and motor life, and decrease the need for ongoing equipment maintenance with Eaton's advanced variable frequency drives for control of electric motors and hydraulic pumps. Our energy consumption monitoring systems provide data transparency in real time from the controller to the actuator.

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