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Anticipate the challenges of a fast-moving global marketplace with sophisticated automation systems made simple

The rapid growth of consumer markets in emerging economies and quickly changing consumer preferences for packaged goods are driving the need for innovation in production line assembly. Processing facilities have to be reliable, flexible and intelligent.

The production environment can pose additional challenges. Mechanical, thermal, chemical, hygienic and safety requirements can tax components and adversely affect processed goods. Monitoring temperatures and pressures is difficult, yet controlling them is vital for product integrity.

Your automation systems must be comprehensive enough to address these multifaceted needs. The very foundation of processing demands machinery that delivers precision performance with unmatched energy efficiency, reliability and safety. You need a partner that understands these challenges.

Deliver pinpoint accuracy, performance and efficiency

Eaton's automation solution integrates electrical and hydraulic systems into a single architecture. Automation components, such as HMI/PLCs, communicate perfectly via CANopen with intelligent Eaton hydraulic valves. HMI/PLCs also communicate on our SmartWire-DT platform, with pushbuttons, indicating lights and control components right up to the sensors, providing an efficient solution for connectivity. Data transparency on electricity and energy consumption can help optimize power efficiency, processes and machinery utilizations. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) minimize production downtime and data loss and protect operational systems.

Partner with Eaton.
Solve your power management challenges.

Discover how Eaton technology enabled the design and build of a fully automated potato sorting plant, while reducing wiring time by 80% for significant cost savings and a virtually flawless operation.




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