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Eaton Insight: Success Story – Smart Automation Solution

Smart Automation Solution

Hughson, California (USA) based Grossi Electric Inc. is a fullservice electrical contracting company that specializes in industrial and commercial construction, automation services and computer-aided design and planning. By combining Eaton products into a total package solution, Grossi was able to design a very affordable and cost-effective control system for the walnut processing plant. SmartWire-DT enabled the control panels to be built more quickly, with greater reliability, and without adding excess parts and wires. The cleaner design of the Eaton products also reduced the overall enclosure footprint.
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Podcast: Successful Implementation of the new EU ErP Directive with Eaton

ErP Directive

Listen to Eaton's energy efficiency experts!
Here's what some of the experts at Eaton have to say about embracing energy efficiency today - to seize a world of opportunity tomorrow.
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Eaton Insight: Success Story – Renegade Parts Washers

Eaton Insight Tunneling Machines

Reedburg, Wisconsin (USA) based Renegade Parts Washers is a manufacturer in the process cleaning industry developing heavy-duty parts washing machines for numerous industrial applications. Through the use of Eaton's SmartWire-DT the wiring time of their panels is reduced from 4 hours to 40 minutes. Outside of the panel, SmartWire-DT in-/output modules (IP67) are installed to enable connection of sensors and actuators. For Renegade the SmartWire-DT solution enables an easy installation as well as extended diagnostics.
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Eaton Insight: Success Story – Modular Packaging Systems

Eaton Insight Tunneling Machines

Modular Packaging Systems provides packaging solutions serving the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and the vitamin industry. Within a filling system of pharmaceutical products Eaton's SmartWire-DT is used to control the I/O points. The SmartWire-DT in-/outputs (IP67) are easily implemented in the existing system enabling the connection between different sensors and valves at the conveyor belts - all in one connection. The short mounting time of the SmartWire-DT modules and the simplification of fault correction enhance the efficiency of the packaging line.
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Eaton Insight: Success Story – mts Perforator GmbH Tunneling Machines

Eaton Insight Tunneling Machines

Rock, clay, sand – nothing stops the tunneling machines of mts Perforator GmbH. In extreme conditions these drilling machines fight their way through hundreds of meters of earth and lay pipes. For this the machine builder from North Germany relies on SmartWire-DT from Eaton. Eaton Insight visited the globally operating company. Why is SmartWire-DT an ideal solution for the tunneling machines, why does the company want to expand its collaboration with Eaton, and what does a tunneling machine have to do with Industry 4.0? This and more is explained in this video of Eaton Insight.
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Eaton Insight: How Quality Assurance Works at Eaton

The highest standards of quality are of crucial importance to Eaton. Only in this way can the aim of permanently satisfying customers be achieved. A key component here is the DPIM in-house quality assurance system. Using DPIM Eaton ensures that each product that leaves a conveyor belt anywhere in the world has the same high standard of quality. Of the customers benefiting from DPIM is the foam manufacturer Hansa Industrie-Mixer in Germany. How perfect foam is made using Eaton touch panels and how DPIM functions exactly you can find out in the video.


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Eaton Insight shows customer story: Lean Solutions in practice

Eaton Insight MOEM

Eaton Insight News: report on Eaton´s solution oriented business
Machinery engineering is the focus of this report. The Eaton strategy “Lean Solutions” is elementary to the direction of Eaton. An example of this is the Bavarian potato sorting plant which has been automated with SmartWire-DT – a typical real-world example of a food and packaging business. Eaton is always on hand with the right solution, as seen at SPS/IPC/Drives fair, where the company presented its new PowerXL frequency drives. Now Eaton Insight introduces it!
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Eaton's Vehicle Solutions at IAA on Hannover 2012

Vehicle Solutions at IAA on Hannover

Solutions for today and tomorrow
Eaton’s Vehicle Group has been showcasing its vehicle solutions at IAA, the world’s largest commercial vehicle show, held in Hanover, Germany. The motto of the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show - “Driving the Future" - fits perfectly with Eaton’s commercial vehicle solution strategy. “Whether it is transmissions, clutches, valves or other solutions, we feel that we have the products and value propositions for today, as well as for the growing vehicle requirements of tomorrow,” said John Coll, vice president – Global Marketing, Vehicle Group.
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Eaton's technology at Hannover Messe 2012

Hannover Fair 2012: safe and sustainable solutions

Trend towards safe and sustainable solutions
Eaton has been making a strong contribution towards sustainability for years. This video showcases technology solutions for the efficient, safe and sustainable energy management: Innovative technology and sustainable developments such as the SF6-free medium voltage installations, the motor protective circuit breaker PKE and Safety management.
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Hannover Fair 2012: Technology and solutions

From data centers to individual machines: Eaton technology is in demand
Eaton demonstrates comprehensive know-how with its SmartWire-DT and Lean Automation solutions. An eye-catcher at the booth are the crane and the conveyer model.  Eaton demonstrates customer solutions in practice: The distributed, electronic drive system Rapid Link 4.0 or the control circuit devices for machines.
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