New Pressure Reducing Valve Helps Minimizing Power Consumption and Improving Energy Efficiency of Hydraulic Systems for Wind Turbines

Date: 30 September 2012

HAVANT, UK … Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton today introduced at HUSUM WindEnergy a pressure reducing valve specifically designed for wind energy applications. The additional function of the 1 PDC5 pressure reducing valve is its ability to keep the pressure of an accumulator stored for a long period of time without any significant leakage. Its performance characteristics help improve the energy efficiency of the wind turbine’s hydraulic system.

By reducing the number of times that the power pack has to start in order to maintain the pressure in the accumulator, the 1 PDC5 valve helps keep the power consumption of the hydraulic system of the wind turbine to a minimum by reducing the number of times the power pack has to start in order to maintain the pressure in the accumulator.

1 PDC5 features an intelligent design using a direct acting poppet with only two working ports. At low pressure, the pilot piston keeps the ball away from the valve seat. As pressure increases, the pilot piston is forced back against the spring until the ball sits on the seat. The inlet pressure can then rise up to the maximum system pressure. If the inlet pressure is removed, the ball will remain on the seat, maintaining the pressure in the accumulator for a long period of time without any significant leakage.

The valve was designed considering certain harsh environment applications. The seat, ball and casing are hardened, and help provide extended life time to the system.

“With these characteristics, Eaton’s 1PDC5 pressure reducing valve is attractive for accumulators in the hydraulic systems of wind turbines – and for any industrial application where leakage from accumulators or other pressurised hydraulic systems is critical,” said Maurice Ashmore, Eaton’s global chief engineer Screw-in-Cartridge Valves.

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